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White Urad Dal is a type of dal that is commonly used in Indian cooking, which is known to have a lot of nutritional values. As the name suggests, it is white in color, has a lighter taste than black urad dal and a rich flavour.

White Urad Dal is a great source of fiber, which helps promote easier digestion, and get rid of bowel-related problems like constipation. It provides energy to the body and is rich in various nutrients. White Urad Dal can be used to make Dosa, Tadka Urad dal, Shahi Urad dal and Garlic urad dal fry. White Urad Dal is rich in several vitamins and minerals that helps in keeping the body healthy.

It is a great source of folic acid and iron which is especially good for women. White Urad Dal also contains magnesium and potassium. It is rich in Vitamin B and helps improve immunity. White Urad Dal has abundant protein content that is especially good for people who do not consume fish or meat. It improves bone health because it is rich in minerals, and also helps improve heart health.
Health Benefits
White Urad Dal is rich in fiber and protein
It contains various minerals that improves bone health
White Urad Dal helps boost immunity
It is a great source of iron and folic acid which is good for women
It is rich in Vitamin B, magnesium and potassium
White Urad Dal is good for heart health
It helps promote digestion and prevents bowel-related problems like constipation

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White Urad Dal


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